Study Abroad….Again?

As an engineer, figuring out how to study abroad for a semester without delaying my graduation was surprisingly easy with the OUA program. And since I went abroad for my summer program after my freshman year, my summer in Turkey didn’t hurt my chances for an internship. While I’m so grateful that I had these opportunities, I’m still jealous when I hear of other people going abroad.

Last month, OU had its Engineering Career Fair, and I was fortunate enough to get offered an internship position with a company outside of Atlanta, Georgia. However, instead of the traditional 2.5 months in the summer, this internship is going to be 6.5 months, taking place over the summer and during the fall semester of 2017. Within my school of engineering, classes are only offered once a year. Since I will be missing my fall courses, I will not have completed my prerequisites for my spring classes. In light of the fact that I won’t be able to take classes in my major in the spring, I’ve decided to go abroad again!

While nothing is official yet, I’ve fallen in love with several programs in Europe and New Zealand. All of this research into programs reminds me of my freshman year when I was planning my trip to Turkey and Italy. Both of these programs, however, were with other OU students. All of the programs I am currently considering would involve me going to campuses not run by OU, leaving me with no other OU students. Even though I’ve studied abroad before, the thought of going somewhere without knowing anybody is pretty daunting!

I never would have taken off a year just to study abroad again, so I so excited that my long internship gives me a reason (and one that my parents are ok with) to go abroad again. I can’t wait to experience a new country, culture, and have more experiences¬†of a lifetime!

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