OU Cousins

The University of Oklahoma has a program, OU Cousins, that pairs international students with American students. The program is designed to help the foreign students become acclimated to American culture […]

Reflection #2

Look up either a few of the staple foods or dishes or the traditional music of a country you want to visit, and describe why they are or aren’t appealing. […]

Reflection #1

  Think about a class you’re taking that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with “global engagement.” How might increased multicultural or international understanding impact what you’re learning there? […]

Michael Sulick Luncheon

Last week, I attended a lunch discussion led by Michael Sulick, the former Director of the National Clandestine Service at the CIA, where he talked about his experiences and general espionage […]

Lunch with Rami Khouri

    Yesterday, I attended a luncheon hosted by Rami Khouri, noted columnist and editor, and this is my reflection about the discussion. It was an inspiring experience and I […]

About Me

I am a freshman at the University of Oklahoma; my major is currently Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in International Studies and possibly a minor in Italian. I’m […]