Thanksgiving Adventures Abroad

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One thing that I really like about the program here in Arezzo is that we get about half of our Fridays free. For Thanksgiving Break, most professors here cancelled class on that Monday and Tuesday; those who didn’t were pretty willing got let us make up those missed classes. Many of the engineers took advantage of this, leaving Arezzo on the Thursday or Friday before Thanksgiving and not returning until the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. During my 9 day break,  I was able to visit 3 countries on two different continents. I spend the first three days in London, the middle three in Barcelona, and the last few in Fez, Morocco.

I visited London last summer, so I had already seen the major sites, but I loved visiting again and experiencing different things. I went to the Holiday Park in Hyde Park, saw the Rosetta stone, and explored the British National Gallery. I became a pro at navigating the tube. I love London, the people are amazing and the city has so much to offer; however, I think my favorite thing is that I understood everything going on and could read all of the menus.

Fez, Morocco was something different all together. The most significant thing was that English was neither the first or second language, it was Moroccan Arabic and French, which neither my friend nor I knew. Lucky, we met two Australians staying at the same hostel as us, one of whom was fluent in French. We were all staying there the same three nights, so we hung out when we went to the huge market or walked around the Medina. I’ve never been to Morocco or Africa before, but I went to Turkey earlier this summer, so I thought Morocco would be a little bit like that (which it kind of was but also wasn’t in a weird way). As a group of four girls, I was a little nervous wandering around the medina, but other than a few minor events, we were able to wander around without much trouble.

My Thanksgiving was definitely different compared to my usual Thanksgiving, but I loved it (especially since I got my Turkey fix when OUA held a Thanksgiving feast for us).

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