The Forgotten Panel Discussion

On International Women’s Day I attended a panel discussion that focused on the ongoing Ukrainian war with Russia and researching forgotten Soviet histories. While I usually love almost any talk about history, I found this talk a little bit difficult to get into. The lady in the panel talked about her research in hidden archives about the Russian Revolution in the 1910’s.

You could tell that she loved her work, but she had a hard time keeping the audience’s attention. One thing I did enjoy about her talk was how she re-discovered footage of a women’s march that took place after the revolution. Even more interesting, she located the granddaughter of the leader of the march and talked with her about her grandmother.

The guy on the panel was much more engaging with the audience, at least in my opinion. He is a visiting Ukrainian professor, so he talked about the continuing conflict with Russia from a more personal standpoint. While I know that the conflict continues and not much process has been made in terms of peace, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I have not really kept up with the conflict. With so many other things going on in the world today, such as the prolonged Syrian conflict and all of Europe’s political and economic issues, the Ukrainian conflict had fallen off my radar.

Anyway, to go back to the talk, the professor talked not only about the Russian issue, but also about all of the democratic, educational, and societal improvements the country has had in recent years. It was nice to learn even with all of the uncertainty with Russia, the government and its people remained dedicated to continue pushing forward and focusing on areas that needed improvement within the nation.

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