International Organizations

This semester I had the opportunity to be involved in several international-orientated organizations, including the Global Engagement Mentorship and OUA Ambassadors. Due to school and other various commitments, I was not able to get as involved as I would have liked; however, I had a great time meeting new people and doing what I could in these organizations.

This semester the faculty member in-charge of the Global Fellow program started a mentoring group that paired upperclassmen with some of the freshmen global fellows. These groups were paired by major, interest, or preferred study abroad locations. For my group, I asked to be paired with other STEM majors, as it can be very difficult finding programs in the STEM field that won’t delay graduation. Due to timing and other factors, I was not able to meet up with all of my mentees; however, I was able to talk and connect with all of them.┬áTalking with the freshmen about their plans to study abroad made me a little jealous and refueled my desire to go abroad again!

I was also involved in OUA Ambassadors, which I was also a member of last year. With the new monastery in Arezzo, the university is looking to expand the program. OUA Ambassadors members are all students who have studied abroad in Arezzo. The organization is responsible for putting together events (mainly during Italy Week), to highlight the program to other students and talk about their experiences in Arezzo.

Both of these groups have been so much fun to get involved. As someone who has studied abroad, two of my favorite things is to talk about my experiences and to encourage others to go abroad, and I love that both of these organizations give me the opportunity to do that.

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