Food and Water Activism in Global Asia

An international event that I really enjoyed was the Water Scarcity dinner and panel talk. The panel included two men who created a documentary about water and food access in China, a woman who works with fisheries in New Orleans, a PhD student, and a professor who specializes in water in the Middle East. The talk opened with each of the panelists discussing their experiences with the growing water issues that are plaguing are planet. These were followed with what these professionals thought should/needed to be done to help slow down the increasing water scarcity.  I really enjoyed listening to the perspectives of the men that created the documentary and learning about their experiences while in China.

Their documentary focused on a rural village in China that stood up to the government to protect the river next to their community. The Chinese government wanted to dam up the river, which would have displaced hundreds of thousands of people. By coming together and forming a grassroots environmental movement, the villagers and other activists persuaded the government to abandon the project.

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