As part of my scholarship requirement, I am involved in various international organizations on campus. This year, I participated in the Global fellows mentoring program and OUA Ambassadors. The mentorship […]

Eve of Nations

One of my favorite international events that I attended this year was Eve of Nations. I’ve wanted to go since freshman year, but haven’t been able to go until this […]

On International Women’s Day I attended a panel discussion that focused on the ongoing Ukrainian war with Russia and researching forgotten Soviet histories. While I usually love almost any talk […]

Each year, the Global Fellows program hosts a day-long event that connects students who have already studied abroad to students who will soon be studying abroad. The event includes several […]

As an engineer, figuring out how to study abroad for a semester without delaying my graduation was surprisingly easy with the OUA program. And since I went abroad for my […]

This semester I had the opportunity to be involved in several international-orientated organizations, including the Global Engagement Mentorship and OUA Ambassadors. Due to school and other various commitments, I was […]

St. Elijah Food Festival

Last week, my roommate and I attend in the St. Elijah Food Festival in OKC. Since studying abroad in Turkey and Italy, I have fallen in love with Mediterranean food, […]

Last week I had the opportunity to go to a discussion faciliatated by Dr. Samer Shehata with Iranian Ambassador Mousavian. They discussed many different topics, most of which I have […]

Middle East Roundtable Talk

  Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a get together with other Global Fellows and international students from the Middle East. There were 15-20 of us, chatting over coffee […]